Dual Enrollment FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions:

My Son / Daughter would like to dual enroll, now what?

1. Make sure they take the appropriate test and meet the minimum score requirements to dual enroll with the college or technical school.

  • UWG - Take the SAT or ACT for admissions (you only have to take one of these tests...not both).
  • WGTC - Take the accuplacer or use your SAT or ACT scores for admissions (you only have to take one of these tests...not both). This test is given at Heard County High School during school hours. Typically, these tests are scheduled for students in February and September (free of charge). If your student needs to retest (he/she will have to wait seven days from the previous test to re-test) at a WGTC campus for a minimal fee (~$ 15) in just the section(s) that need improvement.

2. Fill out the appropriate paperwork for admissions and turn in to Mrs. Bonner. Failure to meet with HCHS Dual enrollment representatives will result in dropping from the program for a semester.

*Click on The University of West Georgia or West Georgia Technical College for admissions requirements and next steps.

My child took high school classes during 8th grade, what do we need to do to prepare for dual enrollment?

1. Students that are on this "track" generally dual enroll the fall of their Junior year due to the admission requirements for sophomores.

2. Make sure your child takes either the ACT or SAT during the sophomore year in high school and can meet the academic requirements set by either WGTC (West Georgia Technical College) or UWG (The University of West Georgia).

Can my child dual enroll while in 10th grade?

1. Yes, on a limited basis.

2. They must meet all class requirements for high school graduation but can dual enroll for certificate programs at the technical college (if they meet the pre-requisites and/or admission requirements).

3. They must be old enough to legally drive to and from classes at the colleges. The high school is not obligated to provide transportation for any dual enrollment programs located off of our campus.