Dual Enrollment West Georgia Technical College

Please note that the high school does NOT use the same deadlines as posted on WGTC website! 

2019-2020 Dual Enrollment Deadlines:

To enroll in college classes starting in January 2020 (Spring Semester):

  • HCHS Deadline for all paper and electronic submissions is 10/18/2019 by 4:00 pm EST.

To enroll in college classes starting in June 2020 (Summer Semester) or August 2020 (Fall Semester):

  • HCHS Deadline for all paper and electronic submissions is 3/27/2020 by 4:00 pm EST.
Core Class Admissions - WGTC

Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirements for Core Academic Courses
(English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Language)

Next Generation
Reading=236Reading=64Reading=79(Before 3/16)Reading=16(Beginning 3/16)
Writing=249Sentence Skills=70Writing=62Critial Rdg.=290English=14Reading=17
Quantitative Readoning=245Elem.Algebra=57Math=26Math=380Math=17Writing=17
Algebra=37(After 3/16)Math=21
Technical Certificate Admissions - WGTC

Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirements
for Technical Certificates

(Welding, Nurse Aid, Cosmetology, etc.)

Minimum Testing Requirements Below:

Accuplacer Next GenerationAccuplacerCompassSATACTPSAT
Reading=224Reading=55Reading=70(Before 3/16)Reading=14(Beginning 3/16)
Writing=236Sentence Skills=60Writing=32Critical Rdg.=270English=13Reading=16
Quantitative Reasoning-231*Elem.Algebra=23*Algebra=28*(After 3/16)Algebra 14*Math=18

*The algebra score is only required for certain certificate programs and will not apply to most technical certificate programs.

Steps to DE @ WGTC

My child has successfully met admissions requirements.

Please complete the steps below:

  1. Meet with your high school dual enrollment coordinator (Mr. Wahl) to determine eligibility.
  2. Complete the WGTC Dual Enrollment Admissions Application (turn in to Mr. Wahl at HCHS).
  3. Complete the dual enrollment student participation agreement (turn in to Mr. Wahl at HCHS).
  4. Complete the dual enrollment funding application (on-line).
  5. Be on track for graduation.

* Some programs/courses have a minimum age requirement.**Some certificate programs may require a minimum algebra score.

Step 1:


john.wahl@heard.k12.ga.us to make an appointment to meet with Mr. Wahl to discuss your eligibility.

Step 2:

Complete the paper application and turn in to Mr. Wahl. Please follow the link and fill out, then bring to Mr. Wahl for your folder.
WGTC Admissions Application

Step 3:

Complete the dual enrollment student participation agreement (with parent signatures) and return to Mr. Wahl. See the link below to print.
WGTC Student Participation Agreement

Step 4:

Complete the
Dual Enrollment Funding Application
Fall Semester Deadline (September 20)
Spring Semester Deadline (March 20)
Summer Deadline (May 20)

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How do I get to the dual enrollment funding application?

Once you get to the online application, it will ask:

Basic contact information

It will also ask what schools you attend.*

*Please make sure you select the school you attend AND hit the > sign to move the school to the right.

Failure to do this step and the application will not submit to the high school.

You will be required to pay all regular college tuition costs if you fail to comply with the deadlines above.

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